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From naga007 <>
Subject Re: [Spam: 5.0] Please help: Performance issue with persistence
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 15:21:42 GMT

Let me explain in more detail.

As i said, this application is a Framework for SOA based Applications(Kind
of  similar to ServiceMix). We are using JMETER to send HttpSOAP Requests
and these SOAP rquests gets staged in multiple queues before its gets
deliverd to a service. So For Example if we are sending 200 SOAP Requests
per second, this will translate into a traffic of ~400 msg/sec in ActiveMQ.  

  Currently we have single JMSMessageSender class, which used lingo
onewayyrequestor to publish JMS Object messages( ~ 4K size) to multiple
queues. The JMS Producers and Consumers use AUTO_ACKNOWLEGE mode to send and
receive messages. We are using also Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer
to recieve messages with cache level set to CACHE_CONSUMER. 

 Regarding the measurment, Iam more concerned about throughput. My main
suspicion is that when we use a single producer to send messages across
mutliple destinations, there seems to be some concurrency issues also i
didnot see much CPU spikes, but i noticed after few requests go through, i
see pauses and thread dumps show that threads are struck on 
oneWayRequestor.send() method.

James.Strachan wrote:
> On 3/5/07, naga007 <> wrote:
>>     We are noticing significant performance degradation with persistence
>> turned on, when the no of concurrent users is more than 50.
> What do you mean by users? Producers, consumers, sessions,
> connections? Its a bit hard to offer advice on optimisations without
> any real details of what your application is doing - more details
> might help. e.g. how many messages are you trying to send; are you
> using queues or topics, what exactly is it you are measuring, (latency
> v throughput), are you getting spikes of cpu?
> -- 
> James
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