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From justinunger <>
Subject Multiple Consumers/Single queue
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 00:37:55 GMT

I'm having trouble getting load balancing to work across multiple consumers
on a single queue. 

I've read all the docs I could find on the website regarding prefetch
values, async dispatch and round robin dispatch models, but I still can't
get it to work. 

And yeah, I found this page, and tried setting the prefetch value to 1:

The issue I'm having is described exactly on that page. 

I have a bunch of messages sitting in a q. 

I start up a consumer, and he starts processing messages. I've got the
consumer in CLIENT_ACK mode, and he takes about 3-5 seconds to process a
message (simulated processing delay), then he acks it. 

I startup another consumer, to see if he can pick up the slack, but he never
gets any messages, even with both consumer's prefetch values set to 1. 

If I startup both consumers BEFORE there are any messages in the queue,
everything works dandy. 

Trying to add consumers dynamically is where I'm running into problems.

Version is: ActiveMQ 4.1.0-incubator JMS Message Broker 

Any suggestions, or workarounds or other offers of help will be greately

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