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From Adrian Co <>
Subject Re: Problems with VM transport
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 19:29:45 GMT wrote:
> Adrian,
> Thanks for the note. 
>       > >    Startup:   vm://localhost
>       > >    During runtime (after an event): 
>       > >            failover(vm://localhost,tcp://remote:61616)
>       > >
>       > >   Would modifying the broker URL of the connection factory cause problems?
>        > >   
>         > Personally, I'm not sure if you can I haven't tried it, but I don't 
>         > think it makes sense to make a vm transport failover. The assumption is

>         > that you have a broker running in the same vm as your jms client. If the

>         > broker crashes, it means your client *should* have crashed also and it 
>         > can't failover over to a remote broker anymore.
> Makes sense - now I see why someone else referred to me as 'retard' :-).
>  I need to have the client listen to two different brokers (the embedded
> and the external) at the same time (so that the client receives messages published
> by both the brokers and the messages published by the client are sent to both the
> brokers).  Is this the correct URI to network the embedded broker with an external broker?
>             static:(vm://localhost,tcp://remotehost:61616)
Hum. AFAIK,  static just tells the client to choose one url to connect 
to. I don't think you can listen to two or more brokers using a single 
connection. You might want to network the brokers together if thats 
possible. If someone can let me know if its possible to listen to more 
than two brokers using a single jms connection, I'd appreciate it also. :-)
> Could you also clarify an additional question? If I instantiate multiple
> connection factories in the same VM pointing to the embedded broker
> would all the cconnection factories in the VM share the same broker
> (as opposed to attempting to "instantiating a new embedded broker" if 
> such a thing were possible)?
If they are in the same jvm, and there's already an embedded broker, it 
will be reused.
> Thanks again,
> /U

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