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From Adam Lewandowski <>
Subject Re: Is there a patched version of activemq for spring (AMQ-1016)?
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 12:41:35 GMT
Geoffrey De Smet wrote:
> AMQ-1016 is blocking our spring-based application.
> So far we've used this stopgap in development:
> xsi:schemaLocation=" 
If you create your own META-INF/spring.schemas file and include it in 
your application's classpath Spring's entity resolver will be able to 
find the schema locally, as long as the system id ends in '.xsd' (yours 
does). Using your example above, the spring.schemas file would read:


This will cause the entity resolver to look for a 'activemq.xsd' file on 
the classpath. In the 4.1 release, this file is included in the 
distributed jar file so it won't go out to find the file over the 
network. However, I've not been able to use the included schema file due 
to validation problems. Your mileage may vary, but I couldn't even get 
the example from the wiki to work with the included schema. I was able 
to hack on the schema to make it work, but I've decided to hold off on 
using the Spring schema support for now until it's usable out of the box.
See the thread at for 
more details.

Adam Lewandowski

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