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From Gaurav Hariani <>
Subject Multiple Duplicate Messages with network of Brokers
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 20:55:11 GMT
I have a network of 2 standalone brokers - BrokerA and BrokerB
There is one producer ProducerA (a java client) that connects to BrokerA
X number of consumers that connect to BrokerA
Y number of consumers that connect to BrokerB

The consumers are written in C#.
When more than 1 consumer connects to BrokerB - all consumers on BrokerB 
start to receive duplicate messages.
So if there are 8 consumers connected to BrokerB - then all of them 
receive 8 copies of each message.

The delivery mode is non-persistent
The topic subscriptions are non-durable (no code for this - just the 
The message acknowledge mode is AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE

The ActiveMQ version if from
JVM: 1.5.0_11

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