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From "Christopher G. Stach II" <>
Subject Re: Remove all messages from a queue
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 15:52:57 GMT
Rob Davies wrote:
> for unit tests - we often set the deleteAllMessagesOnStartup flag on the
> broker
> For your case where you are using the vm://transport, create the broker
> separetly in your setUp() - and set the deleteAllMessageOnStartup
> property on the broker before calling start() or setting a transport
> connector (for vm:// you won't need to explicitly do this).
> cheers,
> Rob Davies
> On 1 Mar 2007, at 22:13, Kelly Campbell wrote:
>> I'm trying to figure out how to do this same thing in the current
>> codebase (4.1/4.2). Basically I just want to purge all queues at the
>> beginning of a unit test to ensure a clean start. I have a local vm://
>> broker and would prefer not to go through JMX to do this.
>> Thanks,
>> Kelly

If you're not using disk persistence with a VM broker, all of the
messages disappear when it shuts down.  Once all of the connection to
the VM broker are gone, it shuts down (although I wish I could override
that behavior :)), so you may not need to go through that much trouble.

Christopher G. Stach II

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