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From "Timothy Bish" <>
Subject RE: Java Producer and C++ Consumer
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 13:43:45 GMT
The Java Producer should probably be using tcp://localhost:61616 as its url,
as that is the default for the openwire transport connector in the broker.
The C++ client would connect to tcp://localhost:61613 assuming that you have
the default stomp settings the same in your broker's configuration.  

Once you do that you should be all set.  

The openwire support in the C++ client is close, I'm working on some issues
with tight marshalling now, but loose marshalling seems to be working just
fine.  We are working on new integration tests and unit tests to validate
all the new functionality.  Its only a matter of time now.  I've got a busy
week next week so it might get delayed a bit until I get a chance to work on
it some more.  

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> Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 6:53 AM
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> Subject: Java Producer and C++ Consumer
> Importance: High
> I have ActiveMQ 4.1.0 and ActiveMQ-CPP 1.1 installed.
> The language specific examples (Java producer/Java consumers respectively
> C++ producer/C++ consumers) work fine.
> Is it now possible with the Stomp protocol to have ordinary JMS producers
> written in Java and queue consumers written in C++? I tried it, but
> without success. I got always following exception trying to start Java
> producer using this URL tcp://localhost:61613
> Caught: javax.jms.JMSException: Wire format negociation timeout: peer did
> not send his wire format.
> Will be possible to have the interconnection (Java and C++) with the
> OpenWire protocol?
> When do you expect to release the OpenWire C++ implementation?
> Thanks,
> Grzegorz

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