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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Topology Question
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2007 10:35:45 GMT
On 2/17/07, Rob Bugh <> wrote:
> Thanks for the input, James.
> I'm using Postgresql so I don't think there is a DB vendor solution.
> Are you suggesting to create different topics for each datacenter or share
> the same topic across all the datacenters?

You could use either really; the important thing is that each data
centres's messages get sent to every other data centre.

> One of the issues I'm having is exactly where the brokers will be at each
> datacenter. I don't have extra hardware for the brokers so they'll have to
> live on the Tomcat servers. My first thought was to make them run as
> resources within the Tomcat instances. Are you aware of any issues setting
> up a Master/Slave configuration this way?

No - you can run them anywhere. Having a master/slave broker inside
each Tomcat is a good idea. Then if the Tomcat running the master
dies, one of the slaves will take over.

> I forgot to mention previously that the number of datacenters may grow in
> the future so it would be nice if the solution required a minimum of changes
> to add a new datacenter.

Setting up a network of brokers is pretty straightforward, its only a
single URL that changes in the config as you add data-centres.



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