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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Custom SSL certificate handler
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 10:37:17 GMT
On 2/14/07, J. Matthew Pryor <> wrote:
> We are using SSL to allow clients and servers to connect together
> with Lingo doing the actual RPC mechanism on top of ActiveMQ (no
> persistent store).
> I have read and this
> is fine is all the certificates are know before the JVM starts up,
> but we need to be able to allow new certificates at any time (with
> user interaction/authorisation).
> I haven't had a lot of luck looking for more information on how to
> set up certificate providers etc to allow for dynamic checking of
> certificates prior to connection.
> The major benefit we want is that the client can dynamically decide
> if if wants to allow a connection, but once the connection is
> established it has all the benefits of an SSL connection.
> Pointers appreciated

There's not a whole lot of documentation available, since noone's ever
tried this I'm afraid :)

The best starting point is here...

I've just tacked on a little section at the end to describe how to
write your own custom security plugin (it'll take 1-2 hours for the
site to update, so here's the wiki until then...)



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