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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: No effect on maximumRedeliveries setting
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 13:01:51 GMT
On 2/1/07, Christopher G. Stach II <> wrote:
> James Strachan wrote:
> > I'd certainly recommend never using the
> > org.apache.activemq.pool.PooledConnectionFactory for anything other
> > than sending messages with Spring's JmsTemplate as described here
> >
> >
> > am not sure if thats causing the issue or not.
> >
> > If not it could be a Spring issue. e.g. try write some JMS code to try
> > consume & roll back a transaction a number of times to check things
> > are working properly with your particular spring.xml before moving on
> > to the spring JMS containers
> How about adding an example of a Spring configuration using JCA (Jencks,
> I guess) for inbound messages, the pooled connection factory for
> outbound, all JTA, and preferably using the inbound connection for the
> JCA inbound messages? :)

So just to make things 100% clear - the purpose of
PooledConnectionFactory is only for use outside of a J2EE container
and when not using JCA - for users who want to use Spring's
JmsTemplate (i.e. for sending messages only).

For an example of inbound and outbound messaging with JCA here you go....



Note that neither examples use PooledConnectionFactory since JCA does
all the pooling for you for both inbound and outbound (as well as
registering with XA etc)



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