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From "J. Matthew Pryor" <>
Subject Custom SSL certificate handler
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 00:47:51 GMT
We are using SSL to allow clients and servers to connect together  
with Lingo doing the actual RPC mechanism on top of ActiveMQ (no  
persistent store).

I have read and this  
is fine is all the certificates are know before the JVM starts up,  
but we need to be able to allow new certificates at any time (with  
user interaction/authorisation).

I haven't had a lot of luck looking for more information on how to  
set up certificate providers etc to allow for dynamic checking of  
certificates prior to connection.

The major benefit we want is that the client can dynamically decide  
if if wants to allow a connection, but once the connection is  
established it has all the benefits of an SSL connection.

Pointers appreciated


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