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From Mathulan <>
Subject Re: [Spam: 5.0] Network of Brokers - publishing on broker x - consuming on broker 1...n
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 12:36:18 GMT

Hi ,

I am newbie for ActiveMQ.

Could you please let me know the configuration u used. 
The set up I am trying to bring up is
BrokerA -> BrokerB <-> BrokerC, BrokerD, etc....
BrokerA - Pure publisher attached
BrokerB - Middleman, will forward Msgs from BrokerA to set of machines
(Including BrokerC, D) and distribute Msgs from C->D and visa versa. 
BrokerC,D - publishers and subscribers are attached

After configuring the network connectors (2 on BrokerB, 1 each on BrokerA,
C,D). I see in the jconsole that once Msgs are published the appear in A,B
but NOT in C,D. And the consumer attached to C never receive any messages. I
checked the msg transfer between one by one (A->B, B->). That worked. But
not from A ->C.

Please help.

Kind Regards

cbu wrote:
> Ok, this is aboutthe forward on demand bridge, or? So is there an ALWAYS
> FORWARD bridge?
> - C.
> Marlon Santos wrote:
>> HI,
>> The message will not be available to consumers on other brokers mainly
>> because messages are forwarded based on demand.. so it will be forwarded
>> only to other brokers when there are consumers for the message.   
>> Regards
>> cbu wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> both brokers named differently. It seems it was purely the policy
>>> settings.
>>> Still: if I publish messages on all brokers and shutdown one broker all
>>> messages published on that broker are not available to consumers
>>> connected to other brokers as long as you don't bring back this broker.
>>> - C

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