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From GaryG <>
Subject Re: Non-Persistent Topic not getting messages
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 21:38:40 GMT

I've got the JMX running.  Again the architecture ran fine for about 3 hours,
then all my topics seemed to stop receiving messages.  

So, here's the situation:

1) the producers ARE sending messages and there are no exception from AMQ
API when they're sent.
2) AMQ Broker is up, and amq logs indicate no exceptions, or any consumers
3) JMX console shows all the expected consumers/producers connected on all
the Topics that I expect to be there.  The topics all show status "Active". 
THere is no indication of any error.  Browsing messages for some of these
topics, I do see some messages, and they are all prior to when the messages
stopped going across.

4)  Restarting the broker, seems to fix the problem - everyone reconnects
(from code I wrote), and messages are flowing across again.  However, this
has not been consistent.  As I pointed out in previous posts, sometimes even
doing a broker restart does NOT solve the problem.  I've had at least 2
occurances now where after AMQ broker restart, some topics would start
getting messages again, but not others, and it took multiple restarts to get
things going again.

Is anyone aware of what kind of failure conditions might cause this scenario
to happen?  Is there any way to tell when it happens?  Are there exceptions
that might not be getting back to producers/consumers?

In AMQ log4j settings, i followed the instructions and set the logging level
to DEBUG.  but I still don't see logging for actual messages flowing
across...Can someone provide me an example log4j file that might show more
logs and maybe show some exceptions on the broker that i'm not seeing??

Any suggestions are appreciated!


GaryG wrote:
> I have not looked at the JMX stats.  For whatever reason, I haven't been
> able to connect remotely to the broker.
> Aside from that...Why would a broker kill clients due to inactivity?  Can
> this be configured/turned off?
> In our case, the producers of messages to this topic are sending messages
> every minute, and I had 4 of them going, so there was plenty of activity. 
> Its the consumer for that topic that was not seeing any messages.
> James.Strachan wrote:
>> There's no real difference with message types. What do the JMX stats
>> show in JConsole? Did the broker kill the client due to inactivity
>> (but maybe the client hasn't noticed yet)
>> On 2/21/07, GaryG <> wrote:
>>> I'm having a problem with regular, non-persistent topics not getting
>>> messages
>>> they're sent.
>>> The setup we have works for a while with no problem, but after a while
>>> (today after 5 hours), one particular topic receiver stops getting any
>>> messages.  I can clearly see in my sender's logs that messages are being
>>> sent, but nothing is coming through.  There are other topics in the
>>> system
>>> that are configured exactly the same way that *are* getting messages.
>>> There are no messages in the AMQ logs indicating any kind of disconnect.
>>> The only difference I can see is that this particular topic is getting
>>> ObjectMessage(s), while I've switched the others to "MapMessage(s)".
>>> Is there an issue with sending across a large number of ObjectMessage(s)
>>> ??
>>> It seems that whenever I've used that, after a while messages stop
>>> coming
>>> through.  This has happened a number of times now.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Gary
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>> James
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