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From GaryG <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Broker dying
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2007 18:50:16 GMT

I'm getting the feeling that my session terminal closing does have something
to do with it.

So, would you recommend using that JSW service?  You said in the previous
posts that it has problems, so should I even other trying?

Our Linux guys are telling me to run it like this instead:

"nohup /opt/activemq-4.1.0/bin/activemq > /dev/null &" 

Perhaps that should be put in your documentation as the only way to make
sure the broker can be ran from command line as a background process without

Christopher G. Stach II wrote:
> GaryG wrote:
>> 1.  Is JSW enabled by default in AMQ?  Like I said, I don't see it
>> running.
> The wrapper init script (named activemq) and config (named wrapper.conf)
> live in apache-activemq-4.1.0-incubator/bin/linux/.
>> 3.  By turning on the logging, are you talking about log4j for the AMQ? 
>> I've already got it set to debug, what other debug options do you need
>> turned on?
> Yeah, log4j.  Trace, maybe?
>> Also, it seems that when I run the broker as
>> "/opt/activemq-4.1.0/bin/activemq"  without putting it into background
>> with
>> "&", it's been staying up since this morning.  I don't see how that'd be
>> different from running it in the background.  Just an observation.
> When you put the broker into the background with &, does that session
> stay open?  Could the terminal's disonnection and HUP signal be killing
> it on you?
>> Is it recommended to always run it embedded, and not put it in background
>> as
>> a command line process?
> Totally depends on your requirements.  Both are recommended, I think. :)
> -- 
> Christopher G. Stach II

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