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From Lorne Wilson <>
Subject tempDestinationAuthorizationEntry does not work for consumers
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 23:27:47 GMT


I've been trying to use the tempDestinationAuthorizationEntry feature in 4.2
and I think I've found a problem. If I set up a consumer of the temp queue
and add it to the read permission, it always reports that I don't have
permission to read the queue. However, if I add that consumer to the write
permission on the queue it works like a charm.

Looking at the source I think I have discovered a bulk copy/paste problem.
If you look at in the source
trunk, you will see this little piece of code a couple of lines from the top
of the method:

        if(!info.getDestination().isTemporary()) {
            allowedACLs =
        }else {
        	allowedACLs = authorizationMap.getTempDestinationWriteACLs();

Note that it gets the TempDestinationWriteACLs(), even though if we are not
a temp queue it gets the ReadACLs().  If you look in addProducer() you can
see a similar piece of code that might be where this copy originated.

I am using what looks to be the latest 4.2 SNAPSHOT (file:


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