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From GaryG <>
Subject Queue question
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 19:48:56 GMT

I'm doing some simple communication between two peers via a Queue, and I'm
noticing odd persistence behavior.

Even though both the producer is set with DeliveryMode.NON_PERSISTENT, what
I see happen is this:

1) Bring up AMQ broker
2) Bring up Producer and send 5 test messages.  At this point the consumer
of the messages for this Q is not even running.
3) Bing up Consumer and it receive the 5 messages.

I've tried setting TTL on the Producer to something really short, but that
didn't help.

This seems wrong to me, as I would only expect the messages to be delivered
to the consumer of the Q if the consumer was A) actually running, or B)
there was persistence turned on.

If I use a Topic instead, the above scenario works as expected, and I only
get the missed messages if I turn on persistence.

What am I missing?

Perhaps I'm not grasping what persistence is and how it should work?  I
understand the messages persisted to a DB for backup, how is that different
from journaling?  If I want delivery assurance, even if a consumer is down,
do I have to turn on DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT on the producer, AND use a
DurableSubscriber on the consumer end?

I appreciate any help!

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