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From "Christopher G. Stach II" <>
Subject Re: Non-Persistent Topic not getting messages
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 21:48:04 GMT
GaryG wrote:
> I've got the JMX running.  Again the architecture ran fine for about 3 hours,
> then all my topics seemed to stop receiving messages.  
> So, here's the situation:
> 1) the producers ARE sending messages and there are no exception from AMQ
> API when they're sent.
> 2) AMQ Broker is up, and amq logs indicate no exceptions, or any consumers
> disconnected
> 3) JMX console shows all the expected consumers/producers connected on all
> the Topics that I expect to be there.  The topics all show status "Active". 
> THere is no indication of any error.  Browsing messages for some of these
> topics, I do see some messages, and they are all prior to when the messages
> stopped going across.
> 4)  Restarting the broker, seems to fix the problem - everyone reconnects
> (from code I wrote), and messages are flowing across again.  However, this
> has not been consistent.  As I pointed out in previous posts, sometimes even
> doing a broker restart does NOT solve the problem.  I've had at least 2
> occurances now where after AMQ broker restart, some topics would start
> getting messages again, but not others, and it took multiple restarts to get
> things going again.
> Is anyone aware of what kind of failure conditions might cause this scenario
> to happen?  Is there any way to tell when it happens?  Are there exceptions
> that might not be getting back to producers/consumers?
> In AMQ log4j settings, i followed the instructions and set the logging level
> to DEBUG.  but I still don't see logging for actual messages flowing
> across...Can someone provide me an example log4j file that might show more
> logs and maybe show some exceptions on the broker that i'm not seeing??
> Any suggestions are appreciated!

We currently have some issues where queues stop delivering.  Can you
generate a stack dump when it's hung?

Christopher G. Stach II

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