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From Adam Lewandowski <>
Subject Publishing to topic w/ PooledConnectionFactory results in UnsupportedOperationException
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 16:49:32 GMT
PooledSession does not appear to use the Topic supplied to the 
createPublisher(topic) method, at least when obtained from 
When the publish(Message) method is called on the returned 
TopicPublisher instance, an UnsupportedOperationException is thrown ("A 
destination must be specified."). Sending to a queue does not produce 
the same error.

Some simple digging turns up the fact that the ActiveMQTopicPublisher 
instance nested inside PooledTopicPublisher gets initialized with a 
ProducerInfo whose destination is null. Looks like 
PooledSession.getTopicPublisher() is responsible for creating the 
publisher from the contained ActiveMQSession, but does not supply a 
destination (explicitly passes null).

I've opened issue AMQ-1161 and attached code to reproduce the error. Any 
ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

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