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From Albert Strasheim <>
Subject Kaha persistence/UsageManager.waitForSpace and fast producer/slow consumer again
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 10:02:51 GMT
Hello all/Rob

We're still having problems with Kaha persistence when running a fast 
producer/slow consumer.

The last time I ran our test, we saw that messages would arrive out of 
order, presumably when they were being retrieved from the Kaha store 
and sent out (since they were definately being sent in order). Rob, 
looks like you checked in a test for this kind of thing in revision 
512643? Were you seeing problems of this nature?

Having updated to revision 512643, when I run our test, it runs for 
about two seconds before the only remaining ActiveMQ Session Task 
thread hangs in UsageManager.waitForSpace.

Rob, could you give a summary of the broker/VM/application parameters 
that we should try to tweak to avoid this problem?

By the way, we're still seeing the exact same issues with the test case 
attached to the AMQ-1148 issue. Maybe the same parameters can be 
tweaked to make that test pass? In that case, we're trying to 
VMPendingSubscriberMessageStoragePolicy instead of having messages 
persisted to the Kaha store.

Thanks for any feedback.



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