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From Tom <>
Subject Re: Blocking on UsageManager.waitForSpace again
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2007 18:48:08 GMT
Op zaterdag 17 februari 2007 19:07, schreef Rob Davies:
> thank you!!


I figured out that the SlowReceive1 junit test probably deadlocks
because the connection is shared between sender and consumer.

So I rewrote the test and now the test runs to completion.

Halfway during the send the Producer slows down and gets
in sync with each received message.

When I run my test programs with the tcp broker I still have the
problem. The sender runs to completion, but the receiver blocks... :-(

you can reproduce it by running my jmstransfer program:

If you transfer a file of a few megabytes then often the receiver blocks:

Scenario: Send the file:

jmsstream --topic topic/BigDurable --dest demo --timeout 0 /vmlinuz

Start the receiver:

jmsstream --topic topic/BigDurable --ident MyName --dest 
demo --prefix ./ --verbose

New dest: .//vmlinuz
Request: 1
Request: 2
Request: 3

it just hangs with 4 messages left in the queue...

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