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From "Juan Jose Comellas" <>
Subject Recommended C/C++ client
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 14:44:44 GMT
Hi, I'm new to the list and to ActiveMQ. I'm starting a project where
several C and Java distributed processes will have to communicate
among themselves and I wanted to use ActiveMQ for it.

I've seen there are several C/C++ interfaces and I wanted to know
which one is the recommended one. One of my applications is written in
C and I would prefer to use a C library for it, but only if it's not a
major pain compared to the C++ interface (I could always wrap the C++
code with some C interfaces). Also, it's not clear to me whether I
should use the Stomp or the Openwire clients? What are the pros/cons
of each of these libraries.

BTW, if there is a FAQ or some documentation where all my questions
have already been answered I'd appreciate if somebody could point me
to it.

Thanks in advance.

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