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From "tim.geldart" <>
Subject Re: Stomp durable topic do not UNSUB
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 18:12:11 GMT

I appreciate the feedback. However, the following comments raise additional

James.Strachan wrote:
> So to stop collecting messages for durable subscriptions, you need to
> delete the subscription via the MBeans - i.e. its an adminstrative
> issue (rather than via stomp/jms).
> If you want to start/stop subscriptions within a client, then don't
> use durable topics, use non-persistent subscriptions

1. When I use the distribution's example to create a durable subscription,
then modify to call session.unsubscribe() immediately
prior to session.close(), the JMX console shows the subscription as deleted
after executing "ant consumer". This appears to be identical behavior to
deleting the subscription via MBeans (and is not what a stomp UNSUB does..
even after applying AMQ-1077).

Would one be mistaken to expect stomp client behavior to be consistent with
openwire client behavior?

2. After manually deleting a durable subscription, the broker appears to
continue "remembering" published messages, even if there are no active
subscriptions to receive the messages. If no other subscriptions are
subsequently created, then continued publishing of messages to the
unsubscribed topic will eventually use 100% of the memoryManager's
configured memory (in my case, 200 MB), after which point, the only way to
recover is to bounce the broker.

Should one expect the manual deletion of a durable subscription to yield the
same behavior as if the subscription never existed? Otherwise, the only
adminstrative option to ridding the system of an unwanted subscription
appears to involve bouncing the broker.


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