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From JohnRobinson <>
Subject Groups
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 13:33:16 GMT

Hi folks,

I'm hoping someone here can help me out.  I've got ActiveMQ setup in JBoss,
with two queues, one in and one out.

I've got one MDB per queue.

I'm using the JCA approach for configuring ActiveMQ in JBoss, and I'm using
the VM broker.

While I have one outbound queue, and one outbound MDB, each message can go
to a different destination, and for a variety of reasons its not feasible to
create one queue per concrete destination.

I've been setting the JMSXGroupID on outbound messages but it doesn't appear
to be doing any good.  Based on my debug output outbound messages to the
same target group are handled by multiple instances of the MDB, so messages
to the same destination are handled in parallel, which is not what I
expected to see with the JMSXGroupID.  I was expecting to see that messages
to different destinations (in different groups) would be handled in
parallel, while messages to the same group would be processed serially.

Have I misunderstood the expected behavior of groups, or do I just not have
it setup properly?  I haven't done anything special to enable
ExclusiveConsumer, but I see groups are mentioned as an extension of that. 
Does that mean that ActiveMQ has to be configured for ExclusiveConsumer
before grouping will work as expected?  If so, how does one do that using
the JCA interface, or can one? 

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