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From mmchale <>
Subject Tomcat webservice
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 21:52:42 GMT

I maintain a webapp that runs on Tomcat.  It's a RosettaNet webservice.  If
you're not familiar with it, it's an electronics industry B2B standard.  My
app sends and receives MIME messages over HTTP to our trading partners. 
Under certain cirsumstances it sends an acknowledgment or exception MIME
message in return.  There are rules controllling when you acknowledge, send
exception messages, when you retry, etc.  The contents of the messages can
vary greatly.

I'm looking to make the system more robust as far as queing outbound
messages and retrying in the event of a system failure.  I've spent a lot of
time configuring ActiveMQ and Tomcat (without much luck) , but I'm starting
to wonder if JMS is even the right technology.  

My questions are really more of a general nature to get me started...

1) Based on my brief description, do you think that JMS is the correct
solution?  Might it be better just to implement the queueing and failure on
my own? Are there simpler solutions out there? The Sun JMS website also says
something about not recommending JMS for B2B...

2) Since my trading partners will not be using JMS, I assume I will need
some kind of conversion between the MimeMessage arriving in a servlet and
the JMS system.  Also, JMS has it's own message format right?  Any ideas on
how to convert outbound messages?  Is it a bad practice to jam JMS into an
existing system?    

I understand that my questions are vague, I could really just use a point in
the right direction.  Please Help.


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