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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: Asynchronous dispatch question
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 07:52:40 GMT

On 1 Jan 2007, at 14:23, Sagi Mann wrote:

> pls clarify: when async dispatch is enabled, each onMessage event  
> is handled
> by a different thread which is created by the session. Correct?
Not necessarily - there will generally be only 1 thread of control  
for the session. ActiveMQ can use more than 1 thread fro message  
delivery to a session, as the threads can be gained from a pool, but  
only one thread will be active at one time to ensure order of delivery.

> but what
> happens if those messages are further passed on to some app thread  
> (the
> original threads are long dead)? Can the app thread still call  
> msg.ack()?
ActiveMQ can certainly handle this case, but the spec implies that a  
JMS provider shouldn't be expected to. The minimum for JMS compliance  
is that there should be only one thread of control (in this case the  
thread calling the message listener) - so the message.acknowledge()  
should be called from within the listener - not by another  
application thread. A separate thread can be used to call stop/start  
on a session but that its it.



> Thanks.
> rajdavies wrote:
>> That applies to the application thread only - it's valid to call
>> message.acknowlede() from a message listener (for a session using
>> client based acknowledgement)
>> cheers,
>> Rob
>> On 1 Jan 2007, at 11:39, Sagi Mann wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> The JMS specs say that a session can only be used inside a single
>>> thread. If
>>> I handle consumed messages asynchronously, and call
>>> message.acknowledge(),
>>> doesn't this violate the single-thread specification?
>>> Thanks,
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