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From Adrian Co <>
Subject Re: How to have a persistent client
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 03:16:48 GMT
IMHO, easiest solution is to embed a broker on machine A and network it 
to a broker on machine B.

This setup will allow you to continually sent messages and the embedded 
broker will handle persisting it and sending it to the remote broker 
when it is up again. Just dont forget to set the network connector to a 
failover one.

MqUser wrote:
> Let us say you have a client on machine A and a server on machine B
> The client on machine A tries to send to machine B, but machine B is down,
> and there is an exception and the message is lost because machine A cannot
> wait and needs to move on.
> So to create a persistent client one would have to create 2 queues, one on
> the client and one on the server.
> And then move info from one queue to the other.
> Am I right or there is a facility to handle this. Xmlblaster handles this
> out of the box?

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