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From "Tony Qian" <>
Subject Can I use Journal only?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 22:29:42 GMT
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<font size="2"><font face="Arial,sans-serif">All,<br>
Can I use journal only? If yes, how to configure it?<br>
I'm really confused with this statement from ActiveMQ site about
Journal. It seems you have to use database for durable subscription.
What about broker never reaches journal checkpoints?<br>
</font></font><font face="Arial,sans-serif"><font size="2">Kind of.
messages can be loaded directly from the journal (in case
the message was removed swapped out of memory). <font color="#0000ff">But
the journal cannot
be used to to recover a durable subscription (he does not keep an
ordered index of messages per durable sub). So when a durable sub is
activated, then the journal checkpoints to flush any messaqges in the
journal to the long term store and then the long term store is used to
recover the durable subscription.<br>
<font color="#000040">thanks,<br>

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