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From Sebastien Pennec <>
Subject Topic and Queue performances
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 16:49:41 GMT

I checked on the list archive, but couldn't find the answer to my current situation, 
so here I am :)

I've launched an ActiveMQ server on my machine, with the default configuration stuff. 
The only thing I've added is the file that I've found in the 

This jndi config file helps create an example Queue and an example Topic. I can 
easily connect message producers and consumers to the Queue and Topic. The server, as 
well as the two message producers and the two message consumers, are on my local machine.

When I send messages to the Topic, I observe that the time it takes to send the 
message is about 0.25 milliseconds. When I send messages to the Queue, the figure 
goes up to 10 milliseconds. These figures are the average time that is observed when 
sending 10'000 messages.
They are modified by the presence or absence of a consumer: it takes approximately 
10% less time when there is no consumer.

Is it a normal behavior? I expected the performance between Topic and Queue to be 
closer than that.

Thanks for your help,


S├ębastien Pennec

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