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From zephyr451 <>
Subject Synchronous Messaging Performance Question
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 17:08:07 GMT

I am having a problem with synchronous messaging performance.   I created a
test case similar to the and wherein I
create a request and then block waiting for a response. The response is
being waited for using receive() rather than an onMessage() handler; in case
that matters.  The producer and consumer are running on two separate
machines connected via a single switch.

When I configure the above scenario using a single producer (in it's own
thread) and a single consumer.  I measure about 9.9 request/responses per
second.  This occurs with virtually no load on either CPU.  Also I ran a
thread monitoring tool and, if it means anything, I noticed on the producer
that most of the time was spent blocked on$Node

When I configure my test case to use two producers each running in it's own
thread, with a single consumer. I measure ~490 request/responses per second
with about 70% CPU load on each machine.

The message broker is running in a separate JVM on the producer machine.   I
did try setting the URL option wireFormat.tcpNoDelayEnabled to true, but
that made no difference in the behavior.

Configuration Notes:

   Producer Machine:  Single CPU WIndows 2003 Server, 2.0gb RAM,   Java

   Consumer Machine:  Linux Red Hat 4 Enterprise,  1.0gb RAM Java

Any suggestions folks have would be greatly appreciated.  I made an effort
to track down all the synchronous tuning information folks have posted, but
I could have missed something.



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