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From John Heitmann <>
Subject Configuring log4j in 4.1
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 08:23:56 GMT
After upgrading our systems from 4.0 to 4.1 I am having a tough time  
figuring out how to configure log4j. Our old system had a file in a custom spot that we had ActiveMQ pull in  
with "--extdir /some/config/dir". This doesn't seem to be working  
anymore. ActiveMQ can't find the properties file on the classpath  
when it's not in the standard spot. Any idea on what could be going  
wrong? You can reproduce this by-- in the binary distribution--  
moving conf/ to config/, and then  
play around with the -classpath and --extdir settings. None seem to  

I dug into the code a bit and saw this new check in the activemq- 
console class loader:

if( files[j].getName().endsWith(".zip") || files[j].getName().endsWith 
(".jar")  ){
         System.out.println("Adding to classpath: " + files 
[j].getCanonicalPath()); }catch(Exception e){}

When I add ".properties" to the conditional I can see the printout  
saying the properties file is added, however when I query the class  
loader later in one of our custom beans running alongside the broker  
it can't get the "" resource. This problem is  
probably related.

I should be able to eventually hunt this down, but was hoping someone  
had a quick answer.



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