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From gabriel kastenbaum <>
Subject Re: AW: Network of brokers
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 08:51:45 GMT
Hi everybody,
Just to add my experience with network of brokers: we just tried 
disconnection/reconnection: most of the time it did not work. The bridge 
(DemandBridge...) between brokers does not re-initialize. See my 
previous emails on this issue.

Moreover, there is an issue with ClientID - with durable topics. If 
somewhere in your network you have a clientID="foo" you can not have 
another clientID called ="foo" . This is a problem when your clients are 
MDB, because the ClientId is written in the ejb-jar.xml file. So you can 
not have the exact same ejb jar file on different servers related with a 
network of brokers - why not use the brokerName as a defaultClientID or 
something like this?
By the way, why not having brokerName=IP of the machine by default ?

Something else is very annoying: the documentation is ... at least hard 
to follow. Say the master/slave feature: I read it several times - and 
other persons did that too: we did not understood easily how to do it... 
Same for several parts of the documentation. I dream there was a one 
piece documentation - a la Springframework for instance (or a la Joram, 
which has a very good documentation).

I know it is a lot of complex features, lots of complex developments, 
lots of time given by people. And this is an open source project so, 
don't get me wrong,  I do not complain, because I should rather help 
coding... And activeMQ is a good product, no doubt on that.

But as our project is not released yet, and as we tested before to 
release it, and had time before going live, we changed the JMS broker.
We switched to Joram and... it just works! Disconnection, re-connection: 
ok. Several identical clientID on the same network of brokers: ok too. 
etc. We do not have discovery but that's ok, we can live without that 
feature - but we can not live with a network of brokers that loose 
messages, does not reconnect etc. Sorry guys.
(When I will have more time I will do some bug reports... )

Bernhard Wellhöfer a écrit :
> Hello Javier,
> Sorry, it was not my intention to make waves. I just want that the whole issue is taken
> A) If the clustering/network or brokers feature is stable, then the documentation and
the support via the mailing list are not good enough.
> B) If the hints (my tests, number of mails for this feature and quality and quantity
of answers) are correct and the feature is not in a production state, then the ActiveMQ developer
should face this and warn the users on the homepage.
> At least option A or B is true (and for you I hope it is option A) .... Regardless whether
A or B is true, the whole issue is not good for the trust in ActiveMQ.
> One question: did you ever start/stop brokers and consumer/producer in the network during
your tests. Did all broker and consumer/producer reliable reconnect and where all message
> Regards,
> Bernd
>> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>> Von: Javier Leyba [] 
>> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2006 09:05
>> An:
>> Betreff: Re: Network of brokers
>> On 12/21/06, Bernhard Wellhöfer 
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hello Prashanth,
>>> I agree that the clustering/network or brokers feature is 
>> not ready for a productive scenario. The problem is that the 
>> ActiveMQ homepage does not warn you about this case. 
>> Therefore again and again people waste time by trying out 
>> this feature - as each new mail for this issue to the mailing 
>> list proves. It's a pity that this as a whole makes ActiveMQ 
>> less trustworthy...
>> Is this totally true ???
>> I've an application that use network of brokers ready to go to test.
>> I've configured it with the help of this list and nobody told 
>> me what you say...
>> If this is true I'll be in big problems after four months of 
>> development with this product. I can´t believe it !
>> If this is true I'm a dead man...  :(
>> --
>> Javier Leyba
>> Barcelona - Spain

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