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From Jerker Klang <>
Subject Re: Network of brokers
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 08:16:45 GMT
Granted that I haven't tried ActiveMQ 4.1.0 yet, but earlier versions 
seem to have serious problems with network of brokers together with 
durable topic subscribers when network disconnects (between brokers) 
happen. That was the simulated situations I tried, and the one feature I 
would love to use and have in ActiveMQ.

Unfortunately I must concur with Bernhard that the otherwise very 
supportive mailing list went dead silent when I brought that subject up.


Javier Leyba wrote:
> On 12/21/06, Bernhard Wellhöfer <> 
> wrote:
>> Hello Prashanth,
>> I agree that the clustering/network or brokers feature is not ready 
>> for a productive scenario. The problem is that the ActiveMQ homepage 
>> does not warn you about this case. Therefore again and again people 
>> waste time by trying out this feature - as each new mail for this 
>> issue to the mailing list proves. It's a pity that this as a whole 
>> makes ActiveMQ less trustworthy...
> Is this totally true ???
> I've an application that use network of brokers ready to go to test.
> I've configured it with the help of this list and nobody told me what
> you say...
> If this is true I'll be in big problems after four months of
> development with this product. I can´t believe it !
> If this is true I'm a dead man...  :(

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