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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Multicast / Application Level Multicast / JXTA ?
Date Sat, 25 Nov 2006 18:27:56 GMT
On 11/25/06, terrytriple <> wrote:
> What we have been seeing with our testing is a linear decrease in delivery
> rate per consumer as we increase the number of consumers

As I said, for one producer, use async dispatch. The default of
ActiveMQ is for typical high performance scenario of multiple
producers and for maximum throughput we use sync dispatch out of the

> e.g. 1,600 m/m with 1 consumer, 800 m/m with 2, 400 m/m with 4, 320 m/m with
> 5, etc..
> Note that these messages are being delivered over the internet,
> and we are using Pub/Sub with Topics,
> The producer machine is a pretty nice/quick machine - and we don't see any
> bottlenecks there,
> the bottleneck seems to be in our T1 connection.
> but to make this scale to 200-250 consumers, and maintain as least 200 m/m
> per consumer - it seems we would need A LOT of bandwidth !
> hence the reason for looking at multicast / network of brokers / JXTA /
> etc..
> I thought _maybe_ JXTA and its PIPEs could be configured in such a way as to
> give a psuedo/virtual multicast using a tree of nodes.
> or do the same thing with ActiveMQ brokers -- but again -- we don't want to
> have to setup every node by hand.
> any other ideas ?

If saving bandwidth is a concern you could look at some kind of tree
based system with store & forward across multiple brokers - assuming
that there is some way to collocate brokers nearer to consumers to
save bandwidth sending to one broker who fans out to multiple
consumers (otherwise there's no point). What is the network topology?



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