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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Disable embedded broker shutdown?
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 19:06:15 GMT
On 11/21/06, Naby <> wrote:
> Thx for the quick answer but that's not what i mean.
> I'm running MQ in Tomcat and after a while in which no client is connected
> the console shows:
> [DEBUG] VMTransportFactory - Shutting down VM connectors for broker:
> localhost
> [INFO] TransportConnector - Connector vm://localhost Stopped
> [INFO] BrokerService - ActiveMQ Message Broker (localhost,
> ID:MERLIN-2926-1164131666666-0:0) is shutting down
> [INFO] BrokerService - ActiveMQ JMS Message Broker (localhost,
> ID:MERLIN-2926-1164131666666-0:0) stopped
> If a client subscribes again the broker starts - but it costs some time.
> Why the broker shut down and can it be disabled?

If you just create JMS connections and close them down again, the
default behaviour is to shut down the local broker if its not longer
used. If  you want to explicitly create one and leave it up for the
duration of the application, use one of the approaches on the page I
just referenced to run a broker (e.g. via Java code or Spring)...


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