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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Why use ActiveMQ over JBossMQ?
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 11:18:28 GMT
On 11/14/06, monocongo <> wrote:
> Thanks James.
> I don't want or need to use MDBs or any other kind of EJBs.  I want to avoid
> using JBoss if possible.  I certainly do want to use Spring.  I guess it
> comes down to whether or not ActiveMQ is as "professional grade" as JBossMQ,
> and according to the page you reference ActiveMQ actually blows JBossMQ out
> of the water in terms of performance.  However I wonder if there are any
> other considerations, such as does JBossMQ have any features that ActiveMQ
> lacks?

No - in fact its the other way around, ActiveMQ has tons of features
that JBossMQ lacks...

>  Isn't it true that I need to run JBossAS in order to get JBossMQ
> (perhaps that's a question for the JBoss forum)?  Are there many enterprise
> level projects/products which use ActiveMQ as the messaging provider?

Absolutely. We've heaps of customers using Apache ActiveMQ in
production today. Also WebSphere Community Edition from IBM comes with
ActiveMQ too.

>  Are
> there any issues with persisting messages to a data source using ActiveMQ?


> What about using transactions?

What about them? :) We are JMS and J2EE 1.4 compliant (via Geronimo)
so handle JMS and XA transactions just fine


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