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From Endre Stolsvik <>
Subject Any ActiveMQ version working with Spring 2.0 final?
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 09:36:11 GMT
[This did apparently not get through - sorry if doubleposting..]


Given that 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 (apparently) uses Spring 1.2.6, and current
snapshots of 4.1 uses Spring 2.0rc1 which have some binary incompatible
changes compared to 2.0 final which ActiveMQ 4.1 depends on for xbean
config, how do you folks manage to get any ActiveMQ version to work
properly with Spring 2.0?

I've tried to do things "the hard way" with Spring IoC (with some hacks to
get "addConnector" to work), and programatically, but this is a real pain,
I feel: as a newbie, I can't get my head around the somewhat intricate 
relationships between the different interfaces and implementations in use 

The underlying problem I have, is that I want to set up a persisent broker
with my own DataSource, and my own path to the journal.

(And btw: ActiveMQ 4.0.1 bundles beta14 versions of Jetty 6 and thus
Servlet API, which I also find slightly strange.. Current snaps of 4.1
bundles Jetty 6 rc 2 (current is 6.0.1), and as mentioned Spring 2.0 rc1)

Any help appreciated.
(A snapshot/release with proper Spring 2.0 support would be even more 

Kind regards,

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