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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: starting a consumer on a queue with lots of messages
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 14:57:59 GMT
Hi Mark,

On 27 Nov 2006, at 13:40, mark angrish 2 wrote:

> Hi Rob,
> Thanks for getting back to me so quickly :)
> Do you happen to know the planned release month for 4.2 by any chance?
probably early next year (I doubt we'll have time to release it by  
end of December)

> Seems like the paging mechanism is what I am after.  If you can  
> point me to
> the relevent classes i guess i can look at patching the 4.0.2  
> release so
> that it can use paging (unless I am going to run into another  
> plethora of
> issues!).
I'm not sure that's going to be an option - a lot had to change to  
support paging.
> Since activemq is using derby under the covers, is it possible to
> write a batch job to process directly from derby, or will that get  
> activemq
> out of kilt?  Is so, is there a work around?  It is impertive that  
> we be
> able to processes these messages as soon as we can so we can get  
> back to the
> normal message production and consumption numbers.
> A concern i have is what would happen if say our consuming components
> database went down and activemq had to hold onto the messages.  If the
> database came back after day 20Gb of data was written to the queue,  
> how can
> we be sure, unless we wait a long time, that it is, or can process  
> that
> data?
The paging mechanism should be able to handle that amount of data
> With the XA in activemq, we have had problems with JOTM and atomikos,
> although atomikos was by far the superior product.  I saw a bug on the
> atomikos boards with activemq.  Do you know if that bug has also  
> been looked
> at and or fixed and if so in what release?  Do you recommend running
> production on a 4.1 or 4.2 milestone drop *gulp*? hehe
Well, unfortunately - paging for Queues is only in 4.2 ...  ;)
It might be worth getting some production support just in case ;)
> Onto point 3:
> The setup is 6 multiprocessor unix machines each hosting 24 of the  
> same
> application load balanced (4 on each machine).  Since the  
> application must
> be high performance we are using a broker local to the machine (so  
> each
> machines config points to localhost first).  This saves the need for a
> network call.  We have a NAS mount to each machine, and each of the  
> 6 queue
> instances write to their own directory on the NAS.  At this stage  
> this is
> all that will be deployed to our production environment due to  
> hardware
> unavailability.
> We are then procuring 2 machines that will also have a NAS mount,  
> and the
> 'queue to database' processor also resides on this machine.  We  
> basically
> get 10-100s of messages a second which then need to find their way,  
> via a
> persisted mechanism, to the consumer and into the database.  My  
> idea was to
> have the 6 queues write to the SAN, then use a network connector to  
> forward
> to the central broker.
> Is this an approach you would recommend, or do you think a  
> different setup
> would be more appropriate?
This looks reasonable to me - because NAS can be alot faster than TCP/ 
IP. However, you'll going to have to hit the network using tcp/ip at  
some point, so as long as your applications aren't going full pelt 24  
x7  your central broker will be able to catch up at some point.
> Your advice would be most appreciated :)
> cheers,
> ::mark


> rajdavies wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> answers inlined:
>> On 27 Nov 2006, at 06:59, mark angrish 2 wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I've had a search around but couldn't find anything that could help.
>>> I currently have around 2 million messages that are persisted in my
>>> queue.
>>> The situation I'm in is that the queue must hold onto 1 months (say
>>> 200Gb)
>>> worth of data before I can put consumers on to process the  
>>> backlog.  I
>>> currently only have the default config file setup.  My consumer is
>>> set up to
>>> use XA between activemq 4.0.2 and oracle 10g using atomikos
>>> transaction
>>> manager 3 integrated with spring 2.0, which allows me to use
>>> message driven
>>> pojos!  I am using the marathon fix (if you search the bug fix area
>>> you will
>>> find the patch) for activemq to allow it to work with XA.
>>> My questions:
>>> 1. My problem is that when i start active mq with the small 2
>>> million record
>>> scenario, it takes ages to start up.  Is there any way to overcome
>>> this poor
>>> startup time?
>>   There's new functionality that is in trunk at the moment, but is
>> due to be released in ActiveMQ 4.2 that solves this. In the current
>> release, all messages are loaded into the broker and a message
>> reference is then held in memory that has a pointer to the message in
>> the store. This can be optionally replaced by a paging mechanism that
>> pages messages into the broker when required.
>> However, there may be some work required to optimize some of the
>> queries for oracle - see
>> etc.-Performance-tf2662372.html#a7425760
>>> 2. This is actually my big pain point at the moment.  When activemq
>>> does
>>> eventually start up with the 2 million messages, I can't use hermes
>>> to see
>>> the messages (it seems to take hours and still no result), and i
>>> can't see
>>> any processing happening on the xa consumer side to the database.
>>> When used
>>> normally say 10's or 100's of messages, so a steady stream of
>>> messages,
>>> everything processs to the database just fine.  I tried tinkering
>>> with the
>>> prefetch limit but that didn't seem to help either.  Something that
>>> could
>>> say "right, let the consumer take x amount of messages off the
>>> queue and
>>> process them with XA" would be awesome here.
>> Hopefully the paging mechanism will help here too.
>>> 3. We have about 6 queues on 6 machines with 24 applications  
>>> acting as
>>> producers into them (so 4 producers going to each queue).  We have
>>> a SAN set
>>> up so that each queue can write to its own storage area on the san
>>> (i.e. 6
>>> activemq data directories on the SAN).  If i wanted to set up a
>>> store and
>>> forward kind of setup to 2 'central queues' where the consumers of
>>> the queue
>>> lie, do i just configure a network connector on the 6 queues to
>>> point to the
>>> central queue locations and get those central queues to read from
>>> all 6 SAN
>>> data directories?  Or do i actually need 6 consumer queues?  In
>>> either case
>>> is it ok for them to point to the SAN to read the message stores,
>>> considering the producers are writing and the consumers are  
>>> removing?
>>> Any help would be massively appreciated!
>> There isn't a problem with either 2 central queues or 6 consumer
>> queues - but I'd like to understand a little more about your setup -
>> do you really need store and forward, or could you just have a
>> centralized hub around your SAN ?
>>> cheers,
>>> ::mark
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>> cheers,
>> rob
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