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From terrytriple <>
Subject Multicast / Application Level Multicast / JXTA ?
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2006 16:42:48 GMT

Hi There,

Currently we are using JBossMQ to send data in a pub/sub model to a few
over the internet - our testing has shown ActiveMQ to be significantly
faster than JBossMQ :

600-700 2k messages / minute with JBossMQ and 1,600 2k messages / minute
with ActiveMQ.
 - 1 Publisher (pretty good / fast machine - 2 x 3GHz, 2GB Ram, RAID 10,
 - Publisher in on a T1 Line
 - Consumers are on DSL
 - Sending messages over the internet
 - Messages are Persistant, and Transactional

we need to sustain at least 200 messages / minute per client, the above
figures are an aggregate figure,
e.g. 600-700 m/m with JBossMQ equates to 200-240 m/m for 3 consumers,

However - we need this to upscale this solution from 4-5 consumers to 200
very soon -- and based on the tests we have done - we would need to invest
in lots of
bandwith and several servers to get this to work.

e.g. 200 consumers x 200 m/m = 40,000 m/m total

so -- this being the case - we are looking for alternative solutions,

we have been looking at using multicast over the internet,
 but information seems sketchy, 
 and although I have tried speaking to many ISPs about it 
 - It's difficult to get anyone who knows what I'm talking about, 
 and some simply say no.

besides the fact it seems AMQ 4 does not seem to support multicast delivery
? (only discovery).

would multicast via JGroups or JXTA work ? do these work ?

I believe JXTA would/could do some sort of Virtual / Application Level
Multicast and perhaps organise the nodes into a tree and delivery messages
that way ?

we like the idea of using a "Network of Brokers", or setting up some kind of
where our central server sends the messages to a few other brokers, and then
more brokers collect from those.
but we don't really want to have to go round each server and manually
configure the connections.

could the configuration be made more dynamic ? would it be possible to send
configuration changes via JMS ?
Anyone got any advice / thoughts ?

Many Thanks

Terry Paterson
Actual Systems UK Ltd

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