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From Adrian Co <>
Subject Re: Consumer connected and started, but onMessage never invoked
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 17:32:35 GMT


Do you see in JMX that the consumer is connecting to the broker?

Have you tried creating a consumer with no selector?

rhodebump wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am trying to using spring 2.0, activemq 4.1 snapshot and lucene in an
> exciting open source project that I will soon be releasing.  I am using
> activemq to keep lucene indexes up to date in a distributed environment. 
> My idea is that a change to the data will publish a "data is changed" type
> of message to a topic.  Multiple consumers subscribing to the topic will
> receive this message and update the lucene index that they maintain.
> <br>
> I have a broker running that I can connect to via JMX and see that there
> are messages on my topic (org.apache.activemq.spring.Test.spring.topic)
> <br><br>
> Feel free to look yourself, hostname is port is 6969
> <br>
> I have a consumer that is successfully connecting to this same broker. 
> However, the "onMessage" method never gets invoked.  I do call the "start"
> method in my Consumer successfully
> <br>
> <br>
> indexerContext.xml 
> <br>
> From my understanding, starting the consumer will connect to my topic and
> process the messages that are on the topic.  The topic name that I am
> using (matches on both sides) is
> org.apache.activemq.spring.Test.spring.topic
> <br>
> Does anyone see a mistake in my understanding of things?  Would anyone be
> interested in contributing towards this project?
> <br>
> Phillip

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