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Subject, etc. Performance
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2006 02:53:55 GMT

I am trying to use persistent storage with a large number of messages and I
think I'm running into trouble with the JDBC statements.

In particular, I'm trying to use Derby, but I think there are some general
performance problems with the SQL statements.

1.  Many of the SELECT statements actually return many rows.
    2a.  Right before the JDBC call is made, setMaxRows() should be called
on the statement with the maximum number of rows to be captured.
    2b.  A "TOP" or "LIMIT" clause should be a part of these SQL SELECT
statements.  Otherwise, the database can attempt to sort a huge number of
rows since these also contain an ORDER BY.  Unfortunately, there is no
standard syntax for this -- it varies depending on the RDBMS.  The current
implementation stops after reading x number rows, but it is too late, the
database may have already done a lot of work (demonstrated below).  For some
RDBMS, the numeric argument to TOP/LIMIT may be parameterized, other times
it must be put directly in the SQL string.

I think the statements affected are:
-- Note:  The next and prev statements can probably be rewritten in a way
that uses MIN or MAX to avoid needing to use TOP/LIMIT.  The most problems
come with the getFindDurableSubMessagesStatement.

2.  Why do many of these statements bother to join to the ACKS table?  Some
of them do not obtain any information from these tables regarding which
messages are to be retrieved (maybe this is needed to make sure an entry
exists there, but can't this be figured out just by the IDs/messages?)

3. I believe the index on (MSGID_PROD,MSGID_SEQ) can be declared as a UNIQUE
INDEX.  This helps out some optimizers, not sure how much it would affect

4. The prepared statements probably should be cached/pooled (in whatever way
is thread-safe), but I think this is the least of the problems.

Really bad performance due to this was observed with Derby. Happens even
when I submit the commands directly to Derby, bypassing ActiveMQ.  The
setMaxRows did not fix it, and Derby does not provide any form of TOP or
LIMIT.  :(  Tried against the latest release of Derby and no luck there (in
fact, I was getting out of memory error manually issuing the SQL statements
to the database).

I am wondering as to what kind of persistence people here recommend?  I may
need to persist millions of records.

*** Relevant part of the optimizer log (notice that Rows Visited = 100299,
even though only 100 are desired).
		Right result set:
			Table Scan ResultSet for ACTIVEMQ_MSGS at read committed isolation level
using instantaneous share row locking chosen by the optimizer
			Number of opens = 1
			Rows seen = 100287
			Rows filtered = 0
			Fetch Size = 16
				constructor time (milliseconds) = 0
				open time (milliseconds) = 0
				next time (milliseconds) = 0
				close time (milliseconds) = 0
				next time in milliseconds/row = 0

			scan information: 
				Bit set of columns fetched={0, 1, 5}
				Number of columns fetched=3
				Number of pages visited=4777
				Number of rows qualified=100287
				Number of rows visited=100299
				Scan type=heap
				start position: 
null				stop position: 
null				qualifiers:

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