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From ActiveMQ_User1 <>
Subject VM Transport..please help..
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 13:56:45 GMT


We're using Mule and Active MQ (version 3.2.2) in our app - the broker is
embedded within Mule and we've specified the brokerUrl as vm://<server
name>. We're running the app as standalone windows service. However, we've
noticed that Active MQ seems to shut down after a while (usually after
running for a few days). This is annoying because we have to keep restarting
the service every time the broker goes down. I was reading about the vm
transport on the website and came across this: 

The first client to use the VM connection will boot an embedded broker.
Subsequent connections will attach that the same broker. Once all VM
connections to the broker have been closed, the embedded broker will
automatically shutdown.

What does that last line imply? Has it got anything to do with my problem?
Is there any way to prevent the broker from shutting down or restarting if
it did? I read about the failover option..but not sure if that would make a
difference. I have also tried using tcp://localhost:61616 instead of vm but
that hasn't changed things much either - the broker keeps shutting down.

I'm not sure if I have configured things correctly. Here's my Mule Config
(just pasting the ActiveMQ part):

<connector name="jmsConnector"
	        <property name="specification" value="1.1"/>
	        <property name="connectionFactoryJndiName"
	        <property name="jndiInitialFactory"
	        <map name="connectionFactoryProperties">
	            <property name="brokerURL" value="vm://localhost"/> 
	            <property name="brokerXmlConfig"

And here's the broker part of my ActiveMQ config file:

      <tcpServerTransport uri="tcp://localhost:61616" backlog="1000"
useAsyncSend="true" maxOutstandingMessages="50"/>

        <journalPersistence directory="../var/journal">
          <jdbcPersistence dataSourceRef="derby-ds"/>

Not sure if I need the brokerUrl and a brokerXmlConfig.

Any ideas? I'd really appreciate any sort of help - I'm getting a little
dejected by it all. Thanks! 

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