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Subject Re: Publish/Subscribe with ActiveMQ
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 04:09:02 GMT

Just to let you know that after further experimentation it does not seem
likely that we will be able to use ActiveMQ.

Testing a scenario where ActiveMQ is shutdown and restarted, the
subscription recovery time was humongous for 50000 messages x 10 virtual
subscribers.  I was looking for something that would work when millions of
messages were on disk, possible to subscribers that are non-operational for
a day or two.

This was disappointing, because the performance seemed excellent until I saw
this could happen.

I believe this may be related to AMQ-493:  Improve queue and durable
subscription recovery performance.

It would be great if ActiveMQ could someday handle this kind of large
durable volume (does anyone know if the intended fix might handle volumes
such as what I describe?).

If I missed something, and anyone has any comments as to how I could "get
this to work", please let me know. wrote:
> I am in the process of evaluating the use of ActiveMQ in a large pub/sub
> architecture.
> ...
> There will be 1.5 million messages per day, MOST of which each fan out to
> all 10 subscribers. In the long term, there may be several times this many
> subscribers but not in the immediate future. Average message size will be
> 10KB, but a few thousand messages per day will be several megabytes. The
> platform would be Windows/.NET using NMS (or maybe STOMP). Hope to use the
> embedded database with master/slave failover a possibility.
> These subscribers must be DURABLE (probably done using the virtual topic
> feature), and (for worst case planning purposes) several of the
> subscribers may be down for a day or more.
> ...

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