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From monocongo <>
Subject Re: Why use ActiveMQ over JBossMQ?
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 08:46:28 GMT

Thanks James.

I don't want or need to use MDBs or any other kind of EJBs.  I want to avoid
using JBoss if possible.  I certainly do want to use Spring.  I guess it
comes down to whether or not ActiveMQ is as "professional grade" as JBossMQ,
and according to the page you reference ActiveMQ actually blows JBossMQ out
of the water in terms of performance.  However I wonder if there are any
other considerations, such as does JBossMQ have any features that ActiveMQ
lacks?  Isn't it true that I need to run JBossAS in order to get JBossMQ
(perhaps that's a question for the JBoss forum)?  Are there many enterprise
level projects/products which use ActiveMQ as the messaging provider?  Are
there any issues with persisting messages to a data source using ActiveMQ? 
What about using transactions?

Thanks for any further information/answers.


James.Strachan wrote:
> On 11/12/06, monocongo <> wrote:
>> I am starting a new project which will involve asynchronous messaging and
>> my
>> manager wants to use vanilla JMS and JBossMQ.  I have used MDBs with
>> JBossAS
>> and JMS QueueSender/MessageListener with JBossMQ before, and now that I'm
>> familiar with (some parts of) Spring I'd like to go the Spring JMS
>> /ActiveMQ
>> route instead, if it makes sense, and I suspect it does.  If anyone can
>> provide me with some information or point me to any references which
>> would
>> help me make my case I'd certainly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance!
> More background here...
> there are two completely separate decisions to make; whether you want
> to use a J2EE container and MDBs - or whether you want to use just
> Spring; then there's the decision on which JMS provider you want to
> use.
> -- 
> James
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