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From Chris Hofstaedter <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to set up a (non-demand) ForwardingBridge with username/password?
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2006 05:18:36 GMT

After further reading, it sounds like I should be able to get the
(non-demand) forwarding behavior I'm looking for out of the
DemandForwardingBridge by using setStaticallyIncludedDestinations on the
NetworkConnector which will then forward that setting along to the
DemandForwardingBridge.  Then the DemandForwardingBridge will always create
artificial subscriptions for those destinations.  

Unfortunately, my first attempt at this failed despite the fact that I could
see that the calls to add the subscriptions was being made.  jconsole still
showed a growing queue in my producer's vm and no queue registered in my
remote broker.

Any idea if I'm on the right track here?

Chris Hofstaedter wrote:
> I'm using 4.0.1 and I'm trying to set up an authenticated ForwardingBridge
> that automatically reconnects after bouncing the broker.  I've got the
> unauthenticated model working with something like this
> ForwardingBridge bridge = new
> ForwardingBridge(TransportFactory.connect(new URI("vm://" + m_queueName)), 
> TransportFactory.connect(new URI("failover://" + m_url)));
> bridge.setDispatchAsync(true);
> bridge.start();
> But I'm stuck trying to work out how to connect when the broker is
> authenticating the connect.  Is it even possible?  Can it be made to work
> with with TransportFilter and TransportListener?
> This would be a lot easier if (as indicated in AMQ-545) the
> DiscoveryNetworkConnector supported a setter to indicate whether one
> wanted it to use the DemandForwardingBridge or the ForwardingBridge within
> the createBridge function.  Is there a patch for this floating around
> anywhere?  
> thanks for any suggestions.

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