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From robottaway <>
Subject Enterprise messaging set up needss tweaking
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 16:34:58 GMT

Hi I am using AMQ 4.0.2 RC6 and also Servicemix 3.0 incubating. I have the
Amq instance contained in Smix bridged with the 4.0.2 instance. I am doing
some testing, hoping to elicit some tweaks that will shore up the message

So here is what I tried recently: 4 STOMP ruby producers sending to the Smix
Amq instance, Smix routes the messages through content based router, then
pushes them onto a queue. A Windows service uses the .NET OpenWire api to
consume messages from this queue. It then pushes the consumed messages to a
enterprise app. Both Amq instances are using separate MySQL databases to
persist messages.

Here is the test: each of the 4 STOMP clients produce 500,000 messages to
queue in Smix. Smix has handled them just fine, passing them to 4.0.2 Amq
instance via the bridge. After some time the 4.0.2 ran out of heap! Kind of
a slow consumer deal, but I would have figured that the heap would go down
as the messages persisted to the database. There are 892281 messages in our
MySQL DB, post 4.0.2 crash. Is there an issue with messages not being
flushed from memory? I would think only the persistent messages needed by
the journal would be in current memory. The rate at which the message flowed
into the 4.0.2 instance was about 10 messages per second. Could it be the
messages were not being flushed to the DB quickly enough? Would I need to
set this to happen in a shorter interval?

Oh also something I noticed was the Smix Amq instance did not persist any
messages, they all seem to be in the journal, about 600K worth. I'll see if
I botched the config or something.

Rob Ottaway
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