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From jmjava <>
Subject Jencks 1.3 / incubator-activemq-4.0.2 - Jencks thread pool locking up Jencks
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 17:45:33 GMT

We are using Jencks 1.3 with incubator-activemq-4.0.2 and we are having a
problem with the Jencks thread pool. It seems that if we have more messages
in the Queue than the thread pool size that jencks will process all the
messages but fail to commit the transactions and then will stop processing
messages and ActiveMQ keeps reporting that "a receive is in progress".  

For example if we set the thread pool size in Jencks to be 10 and we
generate 11 messages without the consumer running then we bring up the
Consumer it will lock up.  But if we only generate 9 messages with the same
settings everything processes correctly.

I have listed our configuration below:


	<bean id="transactionContextManager"
		class="org.jencks.factory.TransactionContextManagerFactoryBean" />

	<bean id="userTransaction"
		class="org.jencks.factory.GeronimoTransactionManagerFactoryBean" />
	<bean id="jtaTransactionManager"
		<property name="userTransaction" ref="userTransaction" />

	<bean id="jencks" class="org.jencks.JCAContainer">
		<property name="bootstrapContext">
			<ref local="inboundBootStrap" />
		<property name="resourceAdapter">
			<ref local="inboundActiveMQResourceAdapter" />

	<bean id="inboundBootStrap"
		<property name="threadPoolSize" value="@@threadpool.size@@" />

	<bean id="inboundActiveMQResourceAdapter"
		<property name="serverUrl">
		<property name="initialRedeliveryDelay">
		<property name="maximumRedeliveries">
		<property name="redeliveryUseExponentialBackOff">
		<property name="redeliveryBackOffMultiplier">

	<bean id="inboundConnector" class="org.jencks.JCAConnector">

		<property name="jcaContainer" ref="jencks" />
		<property name="activationSpec">
				<property name="destination"
					value="testQueueName" />
				<property name="destinationType"
					value="javax.jms.Queue" />
		<property name="transactionManager" ref="userTransaction" />
		<property name="ref" value="testConsumer" />


	<bean id="testConsumer"
		<property name="transactionManager">
			<ref local="jtaTransactionManager" />


Any ideas on why this might be locking up?

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