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From Adrian Co <>
Subject Re: Newbie configuration questions
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 16:50:46 GMT
gabriel kastenbaum wrote:
> Hi,
>> ktrue wrote:
>>>     3. The previous developers on the project used a network of brokers
>>> topology and had a broker in
>>>         each of the clients as well. However, when the client's JMS
>>> connection factory used a failover:(vm://client)
>>>         transport for the brokerURL, it never actually worked. When the
>>> server went offline and came back online
>>>         it would never reconnect. Given my current understanding 
>>> (admittedly
>>> shallow), I don't see the need/benefit
>>>         of embedding brokers in the client except that (in relation to
>>> question 2), there are configuration options for
>>>         persistence of messages. Is there something I'm missing.
>>>  Adrian Co a écrit : 
>> For me, one of the key use of embedding brokers in the client, is 
>> that clients can continue processing stuff even when the remote 
>> broker is down. AFAIK, using the failover protocol, will block the 
>> sending of a message until the client is able reconnect to the 
>> broker. If you use an embedded broker, messages will be persisted 
>> automatically, and be sent when the remote broker comes online again, 
>> and the actual producer need not worry about it. I don't think theres 
>> not much use for a failover:vm://client as using an embedded broker 
>> assumes that if a broker goes down, the client in essence is also down.
> I am also very interested by that type of solution.
> This is the architecture one we are testing now (ActiveMQ version: 4.0.2
> or 4.1). But as far I understood how things work, and within my small
> experience of repeatedly unsuccessfull tries, I never manage to see a
> disconnected broker reconnecting automatically to other ActiveMQ brokers
> in a network of brokers, and then sending messages.
> cf. also Related?
Could be if you are connecting to other JMS brokers aside from AMQ, but 
if you are networking ActiveMQ brokers only, I don't think so.
> Is it true?
> If not, what is the configuration to use to have a network of brokers
> with automatic reconnection of brokers?
Just set the network connectors to failover="true" or 
"failover://remotehost:61616". I haven't grokked if there is any diff 
between the two, but I think they're just the same. :)
> Thanks by advance!

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