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From Daniel Patterson <>
Subject Re: IO Errors from the journal?
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 15:25:18 GMT
Daniel Patterson wrote:
> I've turned off persistance "<broker persistance="false">" and that 
> makes this problem go away, but
> the broker then uses large amounts of memory, seemingly uncapped.  
> I've moved this process to
> a directory on local disk and re-enabled persistence, and the problem 
> returns.
I've tried using the 4.1.0-RC2 release, the same symptoms occur.  I've 
also kept a JMX client attached and
watched the heap size over several hours.  The order of events goes 
something like this:

  1.  ActiveMQ startup, everything working fine.  I'm using mostly 
topics and I have 32 durable subscribers
       (all active for the duration of the test).
  2.  After a couple of hours of operation, and 20k messages, an 
"IOException: Not started" error is thrown
       by the journal code.
  3.  After this, memory usage slowly increases, in proportion to the 
number of messages recieved.  While we're
       below the maximum heap size, messages continue to flow.
  4.  We hit the maximum heap size.  There are no errors logged 
anywhere, but ActiveMQ stops responding
       and message flow halts.  Clients don't recieve any errors but 
simply block.  CPU usage is low, so
       it doesn't look like GC thrashing.

  I don't have a solid test-case to reproduce this, but should I go 
ahead and file a bug?


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