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From Adrian Co <>
Subject Re: AMQ-1060
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 00:49:38 GMT
Are you seeing any exceptions?

Maybe you can turn on the debug logging, as I don't really see much to 
go on. :(

You could also try providing your configuration files, both for the RA 
and the broker. I haven't done Websphere integration, so I'm also not 
sure where to start.

Muzza wrote:
> Hi,
> I've raised AMQ-1060, which is a long standing bug I've had since upgrading
> from AMQ 3.2.2 to AMQ 4.0.x.
> Can someone take a look at the problem and suggest which areas of the code
> to start looking at ? I've no problem supplying a fix, would just like a
> kick start in the right direction.......
> The problem reported is Live at 2 client sites and needs resolving asap so
> any assistance greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Steve.
> Details of AMQ-1060 :
> I'm unable to connect to an ActiveMQ queue with an MDB when the ActiveMQ
> queue I'm connecting to has a queue depth. 
> This works in ActiveMQ 3.2.2, but doesn't in 4.0.1 or 4.0.2. 
> Environment : 
> AMQ 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 deployed standalone on a Windows 2003 server. 
> Basic (Hello World) MDB deployed within IBM Websphere 5.1 (Patch 11). 
> Intructions to recreate : 
> Start AMQ, load a message onto the MDBs Queue, start Websphere and MDB won't
> connect to the ActiveMQ queue. 
> If there is any further information you require to assist in the resolution
> of this problem, please let us know. We can provide details of the code or
> the WAS/AMQ config. 
> Whilst stating this doesn't work for a Hello World MDB, this is for
> simplicity and ease of testing this issue, in reality we are using the MDB
> and AMQ as part of a full blown integration solution at 2 major Utility
> companies and seriously need some assistance with this. Testing onsite of
> the solution at each of these companies has revealed this issue, this is
> therefore preventing the move of the solution into production. 
> We cannot revert to the use of the version 3.2.2 of AMQ as there are some
> memory limitations with this version (that have been addressed in 4.x) that
> mean that it will not cope with the volumes of messages that are required to
> be handled. 

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