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From Endre StĂžlsvik <>
Subject (Second try) Lingering "ActiveMQ Scheduler" threads
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 09:19:46 GMT

(Trying this again, due to no response last time.)



After shutting down an instance of ClassPathXmlApplicationContext that
defines a Broker, and getting these lines in the log (amongst others, of

222953 [main] DEBUG  -
Applying DestructionAwareBeanPostProcessors to bean with name
222953 [main] DEBUG  -
Invoking destroy() on bean with name
222953 [main] INFO  - ActiveMQ
Message Broker (localhost, ID:endrehome-41116-1163286463312-0:1) is
shutting down
227250 [main] INFO  -
Connector tcp://localhost:54000 Stopped
227250 [main] INFO  - ActiveMQ
JMS Message Broker (localhost, ID:endrehome-41116-1163286463312-0:1) stopped
227250 [main] DEBUG  -
Invoking custom destroy method on bean with name
227250 [main] DEBUG  -
Retrieved dependent beans for bean '(inner bean)#1':
227250 [main] DEBUG  -
Applying DestructionAwareBeanPostProcessors to bean with name '(inner

.. there are still 5 threads named "ActiveMQ Scheduler" running.

Broker is configured simple as follows:
<amq:broker useJmx="false" persistent="false">
     <amq:transportConnector uri="tcp://localhost:54000" />

The reason for noticing, is that i have this "reboot" functionality in
an application, and after the full springContext.close(), before the new
ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(<same spring config file>), these threads
are still around.

However, repeatedly "rebooting" does not build up a whole bunch of
these, which leads me to believe that ActiveMQ actually let them linger
on purpose, noticing that they're there already on next startup..

On VM-exit (simply exiting main, after calling close on the Spring
context), the whole things shuts nicely down (shutdownhooks?).

Is this on purpose, and if so, is there a way that I can get ActiveMQ to
_really really_ shut fully down? (Underlying point is that I'd like the
whole thing to be fully GC-able, basically not referencing any object
whatsoever - I want to have full control of the resource usage here..).

Kind regards,

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